Discover the two options for the

Why do we need a

Digital Environmental Label?

In the light of the new Law Decree September 3rd, 2020, n. 116 (Article 3, Claude 3, Letter C) «all packaging must be adequately labeled, following the established modalities, to facilitate the collection, reuse, recovery and recycle of packaging, as well as to give consumers correct information concerning the final destination of packaging. In addition, it is also compulsory to identify the material/s the packaging is made of, according to the Directive 97/129/CE»

What changes for

packaging’s producers?

Additional space needed on the label, which is often quite packed

Additional information/symbols to be added

Information must be always up to date

The new Decree will enter into force on January 1st, 2022.

In case of non-compliance, the producer risks sanctions up to 40k €

DECRETO LEGISLATIVO 3 settembre 2020, n. 116

The solution is the Digital Environmental Label:

CONAI, an Italian private non-profit consortium for packaging, reminds producers that, especially for small packaging, they can resort to websites and apps…that is why Giunko has got ready its Digital Environmental Label, in compliance with the law, offering two different solutions

  • Scanning the product’s barcode through the app Junker
  • Reading a specific QR-code on the product

qr download junker

The benefits of EAD

  • Immediately compliant with the new decree
  • Live update of the information
  • Validation for every product
  • Sustainability information about the product (optional)
  • Economic feasibility of the operation
  • Information are geolocated
  • 10 Languages
scheda junker etichetta ambientale

Why Giunko?

Back in 2015, Giunko launched on the Italian market the only app that gives all Italian users geolocated information for every product available on the market, for free: Junker app



million users


million registered products


million research on the app


What is the minimum size of the QR-code to print on the packaging? And what is the lettering to combine with it?
We suggest not to go below 1 cm per side of the QR-code. The code can be inserted in our EAD-logo with the green leaves, or you can add a lettering, such as: “Read the QR-code to get the disposal information for this packaging” (minimum size of the lettering: 6).
What lettering should I combine with the barcode?
The minimum lettering to combine with the barcode can be as follow: “Scan the barcode with the app Junker to get information concerning the correct disposal of this packaging”
Does the Digital Environmental Label replace the recycling symbols on packaging?
EAD fully replaces the recycling symbols on packaging for those products intended for the final consumer, also giving additional information.
Is the Digital Environmental Label exhaustive?
Not only EAD by Junker is exhaustive, but it also goes further the requirements given by law and by the guidelines of CONAI (National Packaging Consortium of Packaging Producers and Users). In fact, it gives geolocated disposal information, specific for every Italian municipality, thanks to its geolocation system. A printed label cannot have such functionality.
Does the law allow producers to resort to a digital version of the Environmental Label?
The Ministry for the Environment has fully recognized the use of digital tools with this note.
How can I deal with the unsold stock that still has the old label?
On May 21st, 2021, the so-called Law Decree for Support (Conversion Law no. 69 of the Law Decree no. 41, March 22nd, 2021) has been released on the Official Journal.
Among the amendments made during the process, there is also the suspension of the obligation to put the Environmental Label on packaging until December 31st