Is there no space on the packaging for the information concerning its disposal? Let’s use the product’s barcode!

The Digital Environmental Label takes advantage of something already on the product’s label, namely the barcode. Our system links to the barcode the disposal information for that packaging, which is possible thanks to the unique database built by Junker app. Junker gives information concerning materials and rules for waste sorting for more than 1.5 million products available on the market.

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How does it work?

Invite the consumer to download Junker and scan the product’s barcode, in order to display the environmental label for that product, which gives information concerning its disposal.

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Just insert a brief sentence or the specific QR-code for EAD, which makes you directly download the app (iOS or Android, depending on your operating system).

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What is included?

Every Digital Environmental Label includes:
  • Parts of the packaging
  • The material each part is made of
  • Tag for the material with a corresponding key
  • Geolocated information concerning its disposal
  • Validation given by the producer
  • Sustainability information about the product (optional)
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