EAD White Label

All disposal information…in a QR-code

qr code etichetta ambientale digitale

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Read the QR-code with your smartphone

Is there no space on the packaging for the information concerning its disposal?

Don’t panic and use EAD, the Digital Environmental Label! But…what is EAD? It is a virtual tab with disposal information for a specific product: checked, integrated, and validated directly by the producer. This is a big step forward in our effort to give citizens complete and validated information concerning packaging disposal, as requested by the Law Decree 116/200. Furthermore, it stands for the effort of those producers that chooses to give citizens a digital extension of the disposal information already given on the packaging.

junker white label

How does it work?

Our EAD logo (Digital Environmental Label) indicates that there is a digital version of the environmental label for the product. The consumer can read the QR-code with any QR-code reader available on his/her smartphone. The Digital Environmental Label for the specific product lies on a web service and can be customized with the image given by the producer.

qr code etichetta ambientale digitale

The benefits of EAD White Label

  • Univocal reference (QRcode) for the product’s packaging
  • Information are geolocated: no mistake due to different rules for waste sorting, varying among different territories
  • Sustainability information about the product (optional)
  • Live update of the information
  • Economic feasibility of the operation
  • No sanctions, no negative impact on the public image of the producer
scheda junker white label

What is included?

informazioni etichetta ambientale digitale